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Arborist give tips on spotting unsafe trees

"Some people will go out to trim a limb thinking, 'Oh it'll just fall where it needs to,' and it doesn't," said Kevin Arddie, owner of Tree Removal in Aiken.

After storms swarmed through the CSRA, they've left major damage to homes. And when those tree branches fall, they cause major damage to property or people that may be in their path.

That's what Arddie is trying to keep from happening to residents in Aiken County.

"You have the physical which could be from lightning; it could strike a tree," Arddie said. "Strong gusts of wind, we normally call them microbursts; they can snap the tops out of trees."

Lately our area has seen heavy rains. Arddie said it can soften soil. Combine that with high winds, and he calls that a recipe for disaster.

"You can have potential danger of the tree just falling because of lack of support," Arddie said.

There are some ways to spot whether or not a tree could cause potential danger. Experts say all you have to do is look up.

"The best early detection is look at the canopy," Arddie said.

Arddie said if the tree is faded in color or you notice the limbs or leaves are starting to drop, those are signs of stress to a tree, and you should have a professional inspect it.

Services like Arddie's Tree Removal have the proper equipment to safely trim and remove trees. They can also teach you how to trim your smaller trees, and recommend the best types of trees to plant in your yard; advice free of charge that could keep you from expensive repairs and potential harm.

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