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Young man brutally beaten at Augusta Riverwalk returns home

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A month and a half after Wesley Spires was brutally beaten with a baseball bat on the Augusta Riverwalk, his mother and cousin are smiling ear to ear because he's home again.

"We're just all glad to have him back home," said his cousin Michelle Birt.

Balloons and posters welcomed him back to his Edgefield home.

Spires didn't want to be filmed but he says he's grateful for the support.

"He is very thankful for everybody's concern and support and prayers," Birt, said.

Spires was in the hospital for about seven weeks after deputies say he and Ashley Solesbee were beaten by two men who asked them for money while they were on their first date.

Deputies arrested Kevin Richardson and Robey Moses and charged them with robbery and aggravated assault.  

Solesbee was badly bruised but Spires' injuries were much more serious; his skull was fractured and there was bleeding in his brain.

Birt said, "You've got anger but you get over it with time. We want justice to be served but you can't hold that in."

Spires was in a coma for three weeks. Gladys Spires, his mother, says seeing her only son suffer was painful because he's cared for her since his dad died. 

"His dad, my husband, passed away in 1999. So you know he's been there for me since then," she said.

She says he still tried to be there for her even when he was in a hospital bed.

"He had a good attitude. He was probably the most optimistic person I've seen in the hospital," said Gladys Spires.

Spires is able to speak but he can't move his each part of his body yet. His family says he will undergo intensive physical therapy for several months.

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