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Junior college opens branch on GRU campus


Hundreds of college applications are pouring in to a new college in Augusta. East Georgia State College is a two-year institution part of the University System of Georgia. Their main campus is in Swainsboro, but starting the fall, their Augusta branch will open on Georgia Regents University's campus.

"Our education model fits very well for those in the military, for working adults, and for traditional students as well," said Dr. Jeff Edgens, director of the Augusta branch of East Georgia State College.

East Georgia State will offer courses in nearly two dozen academic programs; the credits all transferable to GRU, so students can earn an associate's degree then smoothly transition into a bachelor's program.

"I think it would be great," said Brianna Sims, a GRU transfer student. "It would be easier; students will be able to transfer from there right on to here."

The perk is something Brianna Sims wishes she had. She came to GRU from a junior college in Florida, and says GRU wouldn't accept some of her credits. Sims was hoping to graduate this year.

"It was heartbreaking because it put me back almost a year," Sims said.

The Augusta branch of the college will have their courses right here on the GRU campus. The director says you won't be able to tell the difference between a GRU student and an East Georgia State College student.

"Our students will have Georgia Regents University IDs," Dr. Edgens said. "They will be able to use the facilities here."

Some of those facilities are the University Wellness Center, the computer labs, and they'll even be able to purchase campus meal plans. Just like GRU students, East Georgia State students will pay GRU's mandatory and elective fees along with their tuition.

Dr. Edgens says those details are still being negotiated between the two institutions. But in the meantime, he says they're fully prepared to offer a quality education and experience to all of their students.



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