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Rising lake levels bring business to shops near Clarks Hill Park

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It's the perfect weekend to do a backstroke in the lake at Clarks Hill Park. That's because this year the water levels are at an all-time high.

"We're just enjoying our time out at the lake; celebrating Father's Day a little bit early. It's nice out after all this rain."

…and thanks to that rain, levels have reached full pool, or normal water levels. At the beginning of the year water levels were 15 feet below full pool, causing some concern for boaters and fishermen. But for the first time in five years, water levels are at 330 feet, and drought is something visitors don't have to worry about.

"It's beautiful out here. We can finally get out and swim and enjoy it."

"Not only are the high water levels making it more enjoyable for families to swim in, but it's also giving businesses in the area a bit of a boost."

"It's looking great as long as they keep the water up."

For nine years Billy Ray has owned this convenience store; just five miles from Clarks Hill Park. Selling crickets, worms, snacks and gasoline, he says his shop is never this busy so early in the day.

"We'll have a lot more sales on gas because we'll have more skiers up here. We'll have more swimmers, more campers and everything else. It really helps tremendously."

Ray credits rising sales to rising water levels, as he and his customers say they look forward to more trips out on the lake this summer.

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