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Sen. Warren stumps for Ed Markey in Holyoke


With just ten days remaining before the U.S. Senate special election, some big name Democrats are visiting the Bay State to stump for U.S. Rep. Ed Markey.

Former President Bill Clinton was joined by Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Worcester Saturday evening. Before Warren stopped in Worcester, she was in Western Massachusetts.

The Senator stopped to speak with a group of supporters, along with Mayor Alex Morse.

Warren admitted the big names visiting the Bay State is a sign that the Democrats are not taking anything for granted, following Republican Scott Brown's special election victory in 2010.

"We understand that no one should ever take an election for granted," Warren stated. "I was out there working on election day, still out talking to and meeting people, rallying the troops. That is how it has to be. You have to run all the way through the tape at the end."

Unlike the Warren - Brown campaigns last year, the Markey - Gomez showdown seemingly has not drawn the same type of national attention.

Warren said she believes the enthusiasm from the voters is still there.

"The way I see it, is I show up in place like this and the people here in Holyoke are fired up," said Warren. "They are ready to go. That is how it should be. The way you make these elections matter: face to face. Person to person, all across this Commonwealth."

Most polls continue to show Markey leading Gomez, but not by an very wide margin.

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