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The hot spot to stay cool in Augusta


Augusta's hot weather and increasing temperatures is not news to anyone, but it still has people talking and trying to find places to beat the heat!  FOX54 found folks trying to beat the heat playing in the waterfalls at Aqueduct Park.

"We basically are trying to keep cool, playing in the water," said Jonathan Warthen of Augusta.

Warthen has lived in the CSRA for ten years and said these temperatures are no surprise. He and his family go to the park at least twice a week trying to stay cool.

"We usually come here because it's free and have fun," said Warthen.  

He said the water is cold, which is one way doctors suggest to keep body temperature low.

Emergency room physician Dr. Bruce Janiak told FOX54 keeping body temperature down can help prevent any type of heat related illness.

"You can cool people down by just towels and fans which works very effectively but it has to be done aggressively," said Dr. Janiak.  

The combination of heat and humidity can cause heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and the worst, heat stroke.

"[Heat stroke] is characterized by very high temperature but also by being hot and being out of it," said Dr. Janiak.

Dr. Janiak said even people who are already acclimated to the heat should still reduce their exposure, especially runners.

"If you're an experienced runner and it's very hot out, you should decrease the distance," said Dr. Janiak. "So if you are used to running four miles, you should run two. If you are used to running six miles, you still run two."

Of course the key to keeping your body healthy in the heat, he said drink plenty of water.

If you need to beat the heat in Augusta, find a cooling center near you!

Richmond County:

Carrie J. Mays Center -1014 11th Ave. - 706-821-2827

Bernie Ward Center - 1941 Lumpkin Road. - 706-790-0588

Blythe Center - 3129 Georgia Highway 88, Blythe - 706-592-4988

Henry H. Brigham Center - 2463 Golden Camp Road. - 706-771-2654

May Park - 622 4th Street - 706-724-0504

McBean Center - 1155 Hephzibah/McBean Road, Hephzibah - 706-560-2628

Sand Hills Center - 2540 Wheeler Road. - 706-842-1912

W. T. Johnson Center -1606 Hunter St. - 706-821-2866

Warren Road Center - 300 Warren Road. - 706-860-2833

Diamond Lakes Regional Park- 4345 Windsor Spring Road- 706-771-2980

Columbia County:

Bessie Thomas Community Center - 5913 Euchee Creek Dr. - 706-556-0807

Patriot's Park - 5445 Columbia Rd. - 706-868-3458

Wesley United Methodist Church - 825 N. Belair Rd.- 706-869-0888

Eubank Blanchard Community Center  - 6868 Cobbham Rd.- 706-868-3349

Laurel & Hardy Museum - 250 N. Louisville St. - 706-556-0401

Harlem Senior Center - 405 W. Church St. - 706-449-8400

Liberty Park Community Center - Newmantown Rd. - 706-863-4576

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