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Residents with uncollected trash say it's 'like a third-world country'

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Advanced Disposal started picking up trash in Augusta two weeks ago and in these two weeks we found there are at least seven streets where the trash hasn't been collected.

Marcus Stringer lives on Church Street, one of the streets where trash hasn't been picked up, and he says it's a problem because his family produces a lot of garbage.

"It's me, my son and my grandfather. We're all men so we dirty up a lot," Stringer, said.

He says usually after he takes their trash to the curb they ignore it. But since garbage collectors have missed his street for a couple weeks the trash has become a problem he can't ignore.

Fox54's Mark Barber asked, "The smell is pretty strong out here, is that the trash we smell?" Stringer said, "Yes, that's the trash. You see the flies flying around everywhere? This is like a third world country right now."

While some of his neighbors have trash spilling out of their trash cans, he's moved most of his garbage inside and he says the mess is too much for our cameras to film.

"We've had to improvise; we're doubling up on trash bags on the inside. We're setting some out here but we don't want the dogs to get to the trash outside either so you just got to try to protect your mess," he said.

Hardee Horne is a manager for Advanced Disposal, he says they've missed several streets because they're new to Augusta.

"It's taken some time to learn routes and get into areas that are tight for our new trucks which are rather large. They can't get into these small alleys, but we will get there," said Horne.

He says they've called in a dozen regional employees to help and they're bringing in a smaller truck to pick up trash on narrow streets.

Stringer says he's already waited two weeks for his trash to be picked up and he doesn't want to wait any longer.

"It's costing me extra money, it's unhealthy, it's unsanitary, it's unsafe and they need to do something about it," Stringer continued saying, "Just come pick my trash up."


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