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Dawsonville teen dies while allegedly car surfing, family skeptical

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A thrill ride along a rural road turned deadly for a 16-year-old girl.

Police said Anna Hawkins was "car surfing" when the driver hit an embankment just outside of Dawsonville. The impact threw her to the pavement.

Car surfing is when people get out of a car and ride on top instead of inside.

Police said the driver of the car, Hawkins' best friend, told them that's what they were doing from the very beginning.

Markings on the road show the car went up an embankment and back down onto the road. Police said it was when the car skidded back onto the road that Hawkins is believed to have been thrown off.

"I can't comprehend being outside a vehicle. I try to put myself in these people's shoes and I can't comprehend it," said Mark Cox with the Georgia State Patrol.

Hawkins' family can't believe it; in fact they don't believe it.

"She was much smarter than that. She buckles her seat belt in the car," said Kati Hawkins, the victim's sister.

She thinks her sister flew out the door and was never on top. She said they have a witness that may support her theory.

"There was a witness that said they saw the car drive by once and then turn around and drive by again and nobody was on top of the car," said Kati Hawkins.

Police said no such witness has come forward, but they would like to hear from anyone who might have information because as of right now it's still under investigation.

Meanwhile the family is still struggling with the loss.

"I still think she's going to come home. I still keep expecting her. I can't believe she's gone," said the victim's mother Nancy Hawkins.

Kati Hawkins said she's still in shock and can't believe her little sister is gone. She said her sister excelled at every aspect of life.

"She was my little sister and she surpassed me by far. She had straight A's, captain of the varsity soccer team in 10th grade, and got MVP," she said.

But despite all the awards and high scores, the victim's family said it was never about her.

"She loved everyone. She was not mean to one soul. She loved everyone," said Kati Hawkins.

A memorial service will be held Thursday night at the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Dawsonville starting at 6 p.m.

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