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Commission visits Riverwalk after brutal attacks


Despite the rain, Augusta commissioners and other city officials gathered this morning to walk the River walk.

Commissioner Alvin Mason said this is the first time the commission has surveyed the area together.

"Thought it'd be a good idea for commissioners to get a first hand view of the Riverwalk and some of the potential security issues and safety issues that may be going on down here," Mason said.

Commissioner Corey Johnson said the Riverwalk is the 3rd most visited attraction in Augusta but in the past it has been ignored.

"It's been years and years since it's been spruced up and things have been added or some things need to be taken away," Johnson said.

Johnson noted that shrubs needed trimming and additional lighting is needed.

"Landscaping and lighting – those were the two components that we saw as issues. If someone was looking to mug somebody or rob somebody, they would look for low lighting and place where they can hide."

Johnson said the beating that happened on the Riverwalk a few months ago is what prompted the walk.

Other commissioners said they need to walk the area at night, as well.

"What I would like to do is to come down at 10 o'clock or 11 o'clock at night," said Commissioner Mason. "It will look a lot different than what it looks like right now."

Johnson said they may plan to walk again at night and will get a written report from the Parks and Recreation Department to be able to vote on changes in future committee meetings.

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