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Former Sardis officer shot dead in police-involved shooting

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has released the following statement:

On June 10, 2013, at approximately 3:00 AM, the GBI was requested to assist the Sardis Police Department with an officer involved shooting that occurred at the Sardis Police Department in Sardis, Burke County, Georgia. At approximately 2:00 AM the same date an officer with the Sardis Police Department returned to the police station located at 909 Charles Perry Avenue while on patrol. Upon approaching the station he found evidence that led him to believe that a burglary may be in progress. The officer entered the station and found that the evidence room door had been kicked in. The officer then called for assistance from the Burke County Sheriff's Office to aid in clearing the building. Two deputies arrived and assisted the Sardis officer. One deputy was positioned at the rear of the building and the other entered with the officer.

As the officer and deputy began clearing the building they encountered a male subject in the police department's file room. The male subject was wearing a mask and in possession of an ax. As the officers attempted to take the subject into custody, he exited the room and came towards the officers with the ax. The Sardis officer discharged his firearm striking the subject. The subject has been identified as D'Wayne Burke, 34 years old, from Burke County, Georgia. Burke is a former officer of the Sardis Police Department.

An autopsy on Burke was performed at the GBI Crime Lab in Augusta, GA and the cause of death has been ruled gunshot wound.  Other laboratory testing is pending in this case.  


"I've been here all my life," said Sardis resident Loretta Jones. "It's sleepy. But it done woke up now!"

Jones has lived in Sardis for decades; her grandma has lived even longer in a house just yards from the Sardis Police station, the same place a man was shot and killed overnight.

"I'm just down here checking on my grand mama, because she's almost 90 years old," explained Jones. "So when I got down here, it was in a blaze."

GBI Investigators say a Sardis officer came to the station around 2am and noticed it had been broken into.

"And at that time, he noted the door to their evidence room had been kicked open," said GBI Special Agent Patrick Morgan.

The officer then called for backup from Burke County Sheriff's deputies. They came, and found someone in the station's file room.

"They encountered a male subject, who has been identified as Dwayne Burke," said Morgan.

Authorities say Burke is a former Sardis officer himself, and that he's had run-ins with police all across the state since leaving the department in 2009. But GBI investigators say never did he wield an axe like he did when officers and deputies tried to arrest him in the Sardis Police file room last night.

"During their encounter of trying to apprehend him, the officer with Sardis Police discharged his firearm," said Morgan. "Mr. Burke died of the result of a gunshot wound, it appears at this time."

Investigators don't yet know why Burke was even in the file room. They're also not saying if he threatened the officer and deputies specifically.


Fox54 has learned the man gunned down in an officer-involved shooting early Monday morning is a former officer of the Sardis Police Department.

Dwayne Burke, 34, used to work for the Sardis Police Department. According to a local news article, Burke was arrested after a year-long investigation by the GBI. He was accused of terrorizing residents jailed at the police station and charged with a single felony count of terroristic threats and acts in May 2010. The article said Burke resigned from duty after a nude photo surfaced of him, along with allegations that he'd sent it to underage girls.

GBI Special Agent Patrick Morgan said Burke died from his gunshot wound. They are interviewing the officer involved in this investigation.


One man is dead after an officer-involved shooting that took place at the Sardis Police station around 2 a.m. Monday.

GBI Special Agent Patrick Morgan said a Sardis police officer, who is not being identified at this time, was on duty and came back to the station when he noticed the evidence room was kicked open. He said he waited for the perpetrator to come out, while calling the Burke County Sheriff's Office for backup. Two deputies arrived on the scene.

The officer said while they were clearing the station, they spotted the man identified as Dwayne Burke, 34, of Burke County. Investigators say Burke was holding an ax they believe he brought with him to the station.

Agent Morgan said the officer shot Burke, and he died from that wound. Agent Morgan said he could not comment on how many times Burke was shot.

Investigators are now interviewing the officer and the deputies, none of whom were injured in the incident.


The Burke County Sheriff's Office is investigating a fatal officer-involved shooting that happened early Monday morning at the Sardis Police station.

Burke County coroner said Dwayne Burke, 34, is the name of the man who was shot and killed.

Fox54 has a crew on the way to the scene, and will bring updates as they become available.

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