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Temporary road planned for trapped residents from sinkhole

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A sinkhole in Columbia County continues to leave some residents trapped in their neighborhood. County crews are now suggesting creating a new temporary road, cutting through the back yards of some Barrington residents and into Watervale Subdivision. A solution that has generated mixed feelings with residents.

"It's about a half a mile for us," said Barrington resident Kara Wells.

It's a long walk for Wells and other Barrington residents who have been trapped in their neighborhood after a sinkhole opened up earlier this week from major flooding, forcing many residents to walk. Now crews are planning to build a temporary road.

"They told us it is going partly through our front yard and partly through our neighbor's front yard," said Wells.

Columbia County crews said it could take almost six weeks to fix the sink hole and until then, the plan is to cut through three yards creating a temporary exit for Barrington residents to leave via Watergate Subdivision.  

"Next thing you know they want to put a road beside our house," said Melissa Wagaman.

Wagaman has already been cooperating with the county, allowing them to tap into their water line to help Barrington residents but now they have been told a road could be built next to their property line.

"So the people of Barrington can get in out of their neighborhood which I understand, I would want access to my house as well but a road, I don't know about that," said Wagaman.  

Even Barrington residents are not thrilled about possibly digging up their yards but they are looking forward to driving to and from their homes again.

Columbia County crews said it would only be a temporary gravel road. The project could begin as early as Monday.

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