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Businesses suffering because of washed out roads

Jerry Senerote's world is wet and it's been wet for a few days.

"We needed the rain because we were very dry but we didn't need it like this. Mother Nature must be pissed at something," said Senerote.

She says she's upset as well because the rain washed out the road her clients use to drive to her animal grooming and boarding business.

"It's very frustrating, it's very frustrating for your clients too because they're used to coming a certain way," she said.

She says the closure of Cherokee Drive is hurting her business.

"I've had a few people that canceled this week because they're going to wait and see if it gets fixed next week but yeah it is tough on business," Senerote, said.

The Department of Transportation started to repair Cherokee Drive Wednesday. Senerote says the repairs could have been avoided if the DOT built the road to hold up against heavy rain.

"They didn't put rebars in there; they didn't put concrete in there. They didn't shore it up like they should have," she said. 

DOT officials weren't available for comment.

North Augusta Public Safety says Cherokee Drive should reopen Friday or at some point next week. Senerote says she can't wait that long.  

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