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Parents petition for removal of Copeland Elementary School principal

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Marching down to the Richmond County Board of Education, these parents said their children were mistreated in school by Copeland Elementary School's principal!

"We're going to let her know that our kids belong in school," said Frank Beckles, a parent of a Copeland student. "Not being kicked out for frivolous reasons."

Beckles started petitioning to remove Kimberly Davis as principal. He said no action was taken by the school after his son was bullied.

"He was assaulted at the bus stop and his glasses were broken," Beckles said. "I immediately went to the principal's office to inform her what happened. She was nowhere to be found and never returned any of my phone calls."

Wednesday afternoon Superintendent Frank Roberson met with Beckles and other parents who say their children were suspended from school. They also say Principal Davis threatened them.

In the meeting the two argued:

     "You're going to have to produce evidence," Dr. Roberson said.

     "We'll do better than that, we're going to present a petition," Beckles said.

     "I didn't say a petition, I said evidence. I'm not going to allow any member of my staff to be defamed without the necessary response," Dr. Roberson said.

     "I'm not going to deal with this! I'm not going to deal with threats from you," Beckles said.

     "No it's not a threat, it's a promise," Dr. Roberson said.

After the exchange Beckles led the group of parents out meeting. They left a petition with 200 signatures in support of Principal Davis' removal.

"I don't think he's legitimate," Dr. Roberson said. "You don't leave an environment if you're here to express a concern. You don't up and leave."

In the meantime, there's another petition circulating among parents and faculty who support the Principal Davis.

"She's a kind person," said Wanda Welcher, a Copeland Elementary parent. "She's always looking out for someone else's feelings. She wants to make sure that everyone is treated fairly."

"Instead of sending the children home if they're being bad, she gives them a chance so that they won't be bad," said Dawnovon Hodge, a 3rd grader at Copeland Elementary.

Right now the Richmond County School Board is reviewing reports against Principal Davis, hoping each parent will come forward with their personal concerns regarding the school.

"I don't like to get angry about this thing, but when you're manipulating children through their parents, then I'm totally upset about that," Dr. Roberson said.

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