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Willis Foreman PTA funds could be given away to other PTAs


Willis Foreman Elementary is without a PTA after three of their PTA members resigned.

Monique Braswell, the president of the Richmond County PTA, says if the school doesn't form a new PTA, the more than $4,000 that parents raised could go to other PTA organizations in the area or in the state.  

"Those parents worked hard to raise that money and I would love for those parents to get that money back. I really, really would," said Braswell.

The Richmond County PTA will decide what to do with the money. 


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Monique Braswell is crushed that the Richmond County Board of Education hasn't cleared her name even though a Georgia PTA investigation found she didn't misuse PTA funds.

"You expect people to do the right things," said Braswell through tears.

Braswell was being investigated for her use of PTA money as the treasurer of Willis Foreman Elementary School. She also serves as the president of the Richmond County PTA.

She says a press release sent from the Board of Education to the media Thursday afternoon didn't show the findings of Georgia PTA treasurer Richard Jones.

Jones told Fox54 Braswell didn't mishandle PTA money at Willis Foreman Elementary.

"He told me that there was absolutely, positively nothing that's he's seen that I did wrong, that I followed all of the procedures," Braswell explained.

Braswell says she's disappointed the board isn't publishing the investigation's results.

"It was a witch hunt for Monique Braswell." Fox54's Mark Barber asked, "Why do you think they haven't mentioned your name?" Braswell said, "Because their witch hunt turned into absolutely nothing."

Braswell says the Board's response to the investigation is something she didn't see coming.

"While I expected them to come out and tell the world, tell everybody what was real and that they realized they were wrong. But historically they've never come back and admitted they're wrong," Braswell, said.

Even though she says it hurts, she says she will move past it.

"If I can survive breast cancer, and I am a survivor, than I can survive the Richmond County Board of education and the Georgia PTA," she said.

Dr. Frank Roberson, the Richmond County superintendent, declined to comment.

Braswell is running for a seat on the school board this year.

The press release sent from the school board focused mainly on how they will select the next PTA members for Willis Foreman.


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