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New garbage contract starts in Augusta


Monday marks a new era for solid waste disposal in Augusta. The City's new contract with Advanced Disposal is shaking up guidelines for the first time in 13 years and slashing collection days in half. Kevin Rupinta with the trash contractor says things are going fairly well so far.

"So far so good!" said Rupinta. "There may have been residents who didn't put their cans out, but we're working to make sure they do get service for the day, as well as going into tomorrow."

The changes also include different pickup days and consolidation of collections of all types of garbage and recyclables to one day per week. All trucks will now run on compressed natural gas, something Rupinta is happy about.

"Basically, it's better for the environment," he said. "Our crew really likes them, they're 2013 models."

But it's not all smiles for some, like Commissioner Wayne Guilfoyle. He is fuming over one of the contract's stipulations that now makes it mandatory for residents in his rural district, many of which he says are farmers, to opt-in to curbside pickup.

"It'd be crazy," said Guilfoyle. "There's no way they could put all their stuff in a small trash can, as far as fertilizer bags, chemical buckets, etc, etc."

The commissioner says he wants some of his residents exempt from the service, a service that's costing them up to $310 per year.

"As far as myself, I don't believe in government, big government, forcing themselves onto the private citizens," said Guilfoyle. "Never have, never will."

And even though the contract includes a new recycling perks program, that allows residents to trade recycled goods for local business discounts, Guilfoyle wants multiple points of the new contract reviewed.

I asked Guilfoyle, "is there anything positive about the new contract?"

He responded: "I didn't vote for it."


Here is some information Advanced Disposal provided WFXG:

Augusta/Richmond County

Curbside garbage service

  • Pickup once per week.
  • Put all items in your cart.
  • Place your cart curbside by 6:00 a.m. of your scheduled garbage collection day.
  • Put at the curb/right of way in front of your home.
  • Contact the county if you have special needs and require assistance with your garbage pickup.
  • DO NOT: mix in yard waste or recyclables; use an unauthorized container; throw away hazardous materials, such as medical waste, exposed needles, paint cans, liquid paint, motor oil or car batteries; put trash out for collection in bags next to your cart; put hot ashes or burnt garbage in your garbage cart.
  • For operational safety and protection of your property, there must be three feet between the garbage cart or recycling bin and any other object (e.g., cars, bushes, mailboxes, trees, other carts or bins, etc.).
  • Carts and bins must be placed in the right of way (at the curb) for collection.
  • No-pickup holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. If a collection day falls on a holiday, services will resume the next day. Friday collections will be picked up on Saturday. Customers will always receive collection service twice a week, even during holiday weeks! Remember, holidays don't offset both collection days, only the collection day that falls on any of the above-mentioned holidays. Your collection resumes the next regularly scheduled collection day. For example, if Independence Day falls on a Monday, and your collection days are Monday and Thursday, your garbage and yard waste will be picked up on Tuesday. Your regular service will resume on Thursday. If Christmas falls on a Friday, and your collection days are Tuesday and Friday, your garbage, recycling and bulk waste will be picked up on Saturday. Your regular service will resume on the following Tuesday. Summer and winter neighborhood cleanups and other special event schedules may be observed and announced to customers as these events approach.

Curbside yard waste service

  • Pickup once per week.
  • Yard waste includes plant material, such as leaves, grass clippings, branches, brush, flowers, roots, wood waste and other biodegradable material commonly thrown away in the course of maintaining yards and gardens. This includes sod and other biodegradable matter.
  • Yard waste does not include soil, any garbage, food, plastic, synthetic fibers, lumber, or human or animal waste.
  • Yard waste such as leaves, small limbs & grass clippings, should be placed at the curb in large brown paper bags (also known as Kraft bags), in open-top cans, or bundles that are clearly marked and identifiable.
  • Prunings, limbs and bigger items may be placed in bundles or neat piles.
  • DO NOT: put yard waste in plastic bags; allow bag or can to exceed 32 gallons or 50 lbs.; put the following items in with yard waste: loose soil, garbage, food, plastics, synthetic fibers, lumber, human/animal waste, hazardous materials; put yard waste out on the same day as recycling or bulk waste; let bundles or piles exceed one or more of the following maximum size limits: 5' length, 5' height, 5' width or 10' depth; dispose of limbs greater than 5' in length or 4" in diameter.

Curbside bulk items collection

  • Bulk waste refers to furniture, appliances, tires and other items too large to be reasonably placed into your garbage cart. This does not include garbage, yard waste, hazardous substances or other ineligible materials.
  • When disposing of items such as refrigerators and washing machines, be sure to remove the door or lid for child safety purposes.
  • Please observe the size restrictions. Include furniture, appliances, tires and other items too large to be placed into a cart.
  • Put out on the same day as recycling.
  • Remove doors or lids before placing outside for pickup.
  • DO NOT put more than two tires out per bulk collection/pickup.
  • DO NOT let bundles or piles exceed one or more of the following maximum size limits: 5' length, 5' height, 5' width or 10' depth.

Curbside recycling service

  • Pickup once per week.
  • Acceptable items for recycling include paper, cardboard, newspaper, plastic, aluminum, steel, tin and other metals.
  • Augusta-Richmond County does not currently recycle glass. Put all recyclables in smaller bin and place at curb.

To contact Advanced Disposal regarding solid waste service, please call 706-790-7920.  

Read more helpful information at the city's website.

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