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Downtown business owners petitioning to end limited parking

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Susan Swanson owns the Augusta Care Pregnancy Center on Broad Street. There is a two hour limited parking sign in front of her company but she says no one enforces it.

The parking limit downtown has been an issue Augusta Commissioners have debated since the 1960s. Now once again they are trying to decide what they will do about downtown parking.

Swanson hopes they will do away with the two hour limit.

"No limit, that's what we want is no limit," she said.

She says the two hour parking is a nuisance for customers.

"We have clients here that we serve that sometimes need to stay a little bit longer than two hours," Swanson, said.

Donald Thorstad is a structural engineer at Johnson and Laschober on Broad Street and he says the parking limit is bad for employees too.

"Everybody is really in the same boat, even the restaurant owners. Their employees park out in the road, just every company along here does because there's really no off street parking," he said.  

Thorstad, Swanson and 15 other business owners from 12th to 13th Street have signed a petition asking Commissioners to discontinue the 2 hour parking limit in the median.

We didn't find anyone who wants the limit to stay and Thorstad says that's not surprising.

"I haven't found a single person that's in favor of two hour parking in the median," Thorstad, said.

During their next meeting commissioners are expected to create a subcommittee that will study downtown parking issues. Then they will decide if they will keep the limit, change the limit or do away with it.


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