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Severe storm knocks out power for thousands, causes major damage

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Carole Timmerman lives on Ferree Place in Graniteville and after a severe storm rolled through Aiken County Tuesday, she had to watch where she stepped.

"It's horrible, it's so dangerous," said Timmerman as she looked down at the fallen power lines at her feet and a pine tree laying across the road.

Her house wasn't damaged by the storm but her neighbor's home was.

Her neighbor, an 84-year-old woman, didn't want to talk on camera.

She was shaken up but she wasn't hurt when the storm tore through her house.

Timmerman says the severe storm came out of nowhere.

"Everything got dark and then it was just the biggest gust of wind I have ever seen in my life, it just swooped in," Timmerman, said.

Aiken County Emergency Management officials say there were wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour. The strong winds uprooted trees, caused power lines to fall and tore into homes.  

Power providers say the storm knocked out power for about 1,500 people.

"These pines were just going this way, that terrified me," said Timmerman.

The storm also caused flooding on Canal Street in Graniteville and knocked out power to stoplights at several major intersections in Aiken County.

Timmerman says seeing the destruction at home has her thinking about the people affected by the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma on Monday.

"It's just a scary, scary thing. I just feel so bad for those people," she said.

Emergency Management officials say no one was injured by the storm.

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