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Gibson church rebuilding after tornado destroys sanctuary

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Two months since an EF1 tornado touched down in Gibson, residents in its path are still cleaning up the destruction left behind.

"It just picked up trees from out of the ground, roots and all, and just tossed them," said James Wade.

Traveling 3 ¼ of a mile and causing 150 yards of damage, the tornado ripped through the area with wind speeds up to 100mph. The National Weather Service said it hit its maximum potential at Magnolia Baptist Church.

With the help of the community, the area is now clear of debris, and they've begun rebuilding their sanctuary.

"We haven't laid a brick yet," said Pastor Michael Stewart. "We have gone through the process of planning."

Pastor Stewart said they've voted on and finalized a layout of the new church. Soon they'll start accepting bids on construction contracts.

While a tornado destroyed the church, it couldn't destroy the congregation's spirit. They still meet every Sunday, same time, in an old gymnasium down the road.

Right now the congregation meets in the fellowship hall of a nearby church. Pastor Stewart says he sees a new face, and welcomes a new member every Sunday.

"This is a beautiful community with beautiful people who have the potential to have a vision and reach out and grasp this vision, and move forward, and build something for future generations," Pastor Stewart said.

And while there's still a lot of work this neighborhood has to do, they're keeping the faith as they move forward and rebuild.

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