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Memphis 'Voice' contestants fame spreads

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'The Voice' contestants Sarah Simmons and Kris Thomas have lots of fans here in Memphis -- but they also have people following them across the country.

From his days in the Stax Music Academy, Kris Thomas now has friends scattered across the country.

One of them, his program director from back then, is working in New York right now.

"I found that he is a very unique individual -- had a lot of talent but was extremely humble," Kier Thomas said. "And you will hear that quite a bit from anybody that deals with Kris."

Kier Thomas, who no longer with Stax, now does consulting work with musicians.

He's happy to share that skill with Kris multiple times a day by phone or text while his former student sings his heart out in Los Angeles.

" knows that it's a gift he doesn't have the sense of entitlement that we see with a lot of these entertainers who think they are more than the craft that they are involved in."

As for his success on the show, Kier Thomas says we haven't seen anything yet.

"He has some surprises in his sleeve for some people. I know for a fact he does."

Then there is Visible Music School's Sarah Simmons and the fans downloading and using her music across the country.

When the owner of a Hartford, New York dance school called Danceography heard Sarah's version of "One of Us," she was inspired to add dance moves. The owner tells me she plans to keep supporting Sarah and using her Voice songs for her dancers.

The next time Sarah and Kris take the stage live Monday night, they will be competing to make it into the top eight.

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