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Two suspects arrested in New Ellenton dog shooting


UPDATE: Police say they've arrested both suspects who shot three dogs in a New Ellenton neighborhood Saturday.

Corporal Detroit Spires said after following footprints throughout the neighborhood, they were able to catch a 15-year-old boy and transferred him to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Columbia.

A second suspect, a 17 year old Shaquez Wright, was arrested just before 10pm Monday. He was taken to the Aiken County Jail.

Both suspects are charged with ill treatment of animals and unlawful carrying of a pistol.


UPDATE: Neighbors are shocked after two suspects shot three dogs in a New Ellenton neighborhood.

"I just saw one guy went around the corner and the other guy kept walking and turned and pulled out his gun and shot the dog," said Tyler Flynn.  

"We're devastated," said Gail Crook.  

Crook and her family are still in shock after they said their dog was shot in broad daylight in their front yard Saturday evening.

"Apparently they weren't out to kill, they were just being mean it sounds like," said Crook.  

New Ellenton investigators said three dogs were shot near Sizemore Avenue in the presence of their owner, including Bucky.

"Bucky is doing great, the bullet is still in but it did not injure anything," said Crook.  

The neighbors said the two suspects first shot the dog across the street before coming over to their front yard and shooting Bucky who was inside fence and then they said the suspects took off and disappeared into the woods.

Crook's mother has lived in the same house for 45 years and said nothing like this has ever happened but now they fear the worst.

"It scares us because will they come back?" said Crook.

A possibility that is all too real for a family who enjoys spending time on their front porch while their five dogs roam around in their fenced in yard.

"If they'll do that and people are standing out in the yard in broad daylight. It could have hit one of our children; I mean anything could have happened," said Crook.  

For the time being, everyone is staying inside, including Bucky.

If anyone has any information, contact the New Ellenton Police Department at (803) 652-7770.

ORIGINAL: Aiken County deputies say they searched with New Ellenton police officers for two armed men who shot dogs on Sizemore Avenue on Saturday night.

Aiken County deputies say they started searching for the suspects with bloodhounds at 7:15 p.m.

By 10 p.m. they say they were unable to find the suspected shooters and called off the search.

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