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Dash cam video shows high speed Aiken police chase


Phil Kestin, an Aiken Department of Public Safety captain, says an intense police chase began when a detective saw a man in fire a gun into a house on Pinecrest Avenue.

He says the chase after three armed men in a white vehicle lasted 20 minutes and reached speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour.

The three men in the car being pursued by officers were Kintrell Brown, the driver, Rodriguez Jackson and Rashawn Carter.

Kestin recalls trying to stop the vehicle, "My first instinct was to try to get set up in a location where we could deploy the spike strips. I actually deployed tire deflation devices twice, the suspect turned off before arriving at my location." 

The police chase happened on April 29.

Dash cam video obtained by Fox54 shows public safety officers following Brown as he weaved his way through downtown traffic. When Brown reached the bypass the speed of the chase accelerated to nearly 100 miles per hour as he drove into the wrong lane, forcing drivers off the road.

Several minutes later, Brown sped past shoppers in a store's parking lot.

Kestin says there were several tense moments as they tried to stop the armed men.

"There were several times where he's slowing down simply because he's turning around and he could be slowing down to take a few shots at an officer; that was our primary concern," Kestin, said.  

He says the 6 officers tailing the suspect were joined by 11 more when the vehicle Brown was driving ran out of gas. 

At that point, public safety officers drew their weapons, unsure if the suspects would run on foot or start shooting at them.

"Passenger door opened and immediately closed, they were considering running or engaging us," said Kestin.

Instead, the three men in the car allowed themselves to be arrested.

They've been charged with unlawful possession of weapons and trafficking crack cocaine.

Kestin says during the chase there 35 to 50 traffic violations, such as running red lights and speeding.

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