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School testing interrupted by possible grenade threat

Kennedy Middle School was evacuated Wednesday morning for a possible bomb threat. Investigators said a student brought a dummy grenade to school and when he was afraid he was going to get caught, he hid in the bushes.

"He brought it not as a threat to anyone but more of a show and tell for his friends," said Cpt. Mary Ann Burgess of Aiken Department of Public Safety.  

According to investigators, it happened shortly after 8 a.m. when a student noticed another student placing the grenade in the bushes of the courtyard, forcing the entire school to be evacuated for over an hour.

"We called Richmond County Bomb Techs to make certain it was a harmless device," said Cpt. Burgess.  

Wednesday was not just any other school day; in fact it's one of the biggest weeks of the year in education.  South Carolina students, 3rd through 8th grade, are taking what is called the PASS exam but because of Wednesday's threat, students at Kennedy Middle School were not able to take the math portion of the test.

"The big issue was that because students had to line up outside and stand around for an hour, they were a little bit agitated and we wanted them to do the best they could on the test," said Dr. Randall Stowe, Director of Administrative Services.  

Dr. Stowe is the testing coordinator for the Aiken County Public School District and said luckily the incident did not unfold while students were in the middle of the test.

"The state actually has some guidelines for that type of situation but actually the teachers would have had to very quickly taken up all the tests and would have had to carry them outside with them because they have to be secure at all times," said Stowe.

Investigators said the student is facing juvenile charges for disturbing schools plus an expulsion recommendation from the school district.

Students at Kennedy Middle School will be taking the math portion of the PASS exam next Tuesday.

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