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Hundreds petition school board to bring principal back to high school


Principal Wayne Frazier was moved from to Glenn Hills High School to Tubman Alternative School 10 months ago for what superintendent Frank Roberson called "unorthodox leadership methods."

Now 500 people are petitioning the Richmond County Board of Education to bring Frazier back to Glenn Hills for the same reasons that had him transferred.

We first watched Wayne Frazier's unconventional leadership style a year and four months ago at Glenn Hills High School, when we interviewed him about increasing the school's graduation rate by 40% in three years.

When a student walked by Frazier in the hall with his underwear showing Frazier said, "That boy's sagging right there, I can see some panties man. You trying me boy every time I talk to you."

Now he's the principal of Tubman Alternative School after school board officials received numerous complaints from teachers saying that he would yell, curse and scream at Glenn Hills students and staff members.

We sat in on a Tubman orientation this week and like usual for Frazier it was an unusual orientation.

Frazier asked students to hold their arms straight up and close their eyes while he put his head between the student's arm and face.

Much like his way of initiating students into Tubman, Frazier says about his leadership isn't normal but it's needed.

"Sometimes it's a little rough the way I talk to students' parents. But I give everyone respect. You have to do some things a little bit different than I would say if I was at a Catholic school," Frazier, said.

Since Frazier was transferred, quite a few people in favor of his law and order style are trying to bring him back to Glenn Hills.

Rico Jackson, the president of the Barton Chapel Progressive Neighborhood Association, pointed to a stack of papers and said, "These petitions are here and all together I have 500."

Jackson says they're petitioning the school board because Frazier is needed at Glenn Hills.  

"I've seen this man give kids a chance that nobody would've given a chance to. That's why so many of the kids have been able to graduate and become productive citizens," said Jackson.

To Frazier the signatures mean he still has the support of the community.

"When they say they appreciate your style and what you did while you were there, I feel good about that," Frazier said.

Jackson says they will meet with school board officials next. He says if they don't respond favorably to their petition they will protest.

The superintendent wasn't available for comment.

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