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Victim of brutal river walk beating speaks out

Ashley Solesbee sat quietly as she was surrounded by her family and pastor inside Belvedere First Baptist Church's youth worship center. She said she is feeling better. Her face, still badly bruised from Friday night's river walk attack.

"Yes, it hurts," said Solesbee. "There's a lot of pain but the pain goes away, through time and meds."

She did not want her face to be shown for our interview because she is a teacher and does not want to upset her students who may see her bruises. However, Solesbee said her story is important to share.

"I'm hoping this incident will help me to grow stronger as a Christian and to help others grow as well," Solesbee said.

Solesbee was with her friend Wesley Spires on that Friday night when two men approached them on the riverwalk. After demanding money, both Solesbee and Spires suffered multiple blows from either a baseball bat or metal pipe.

"Though God did not tell those men to attack, God is going to use the attack to spread his glory," she said.

While we are learning more about Solesbee, she is helping us learn more about Spires. Solesbee said that although he was beaten badly, Spires still managed to drive both of them to University Hospital.

"I have to thank him," Solesbee said. "God gave him the strength to protect me and miraculously, gave him the strength to drive to the hospital."

Solesbee said it wasn't hard to forgive the men who attacked her.

"For them to come from a life, they feel they needed to attack, it's awful," she said. "I pray for them every day."

Spires is still in the hospital, recovering from a fractured skull and bleeding to the brain.

A Wesley Spires donation fund has been set up at Georgia Bank, Trust and Southeastern Bank and Trust and SRP Federal Credit Union.

A barbecue plate fundraiser is also planned for the Spires family on June 1 at the Westside Community Center in Edgefield.

Barbecue plate fundraiser -- $9 a plate

June 1
11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Westside Community Center
1842 Highway 23 West
Edgefield, S.C. 29824

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