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Augusta Regional gets high marks from FAA


Augusta Regional Airport (AGS) received its annual Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification inspection last week. Every year the FAA inspects all commercial service airports in order to ensure compliance with federal regulations and safety mandates. The FAA Inspector for AGS found zero discrepancies, giving the Airport a 100% approval rating for the second year in a row!
The inspection covered all aspects of the Airport's operations including Aircraft Recuse and Fire Fighting (ARFF) operational procedures and response times, maintenance repair processes, and operational safety and security processes as well as wildlife management protocols. All operational departments are reviewed to ensure compliance with training procedures and employee certification qualifications.
The FAA Inspector was extremely impressed with the newly developed work order system developed by the Operations and Maintenance Departments to ensure any discrepancies that might pop up on a daily basis are identified and rectified immediately. The ARFF Department developed a new I-Pad database program identifying aircraft that utilize the airport frequently. The I-Pads are kept in each response vehicle and help to facilitate qualified response as quickly and efficiently as possible. Both new programs were developed to ensure the safety and security of all airport users.
"We commend you for the procedures you are using in the day-to-day operation of the airport" said Charlotte L. Jones, FAA's Airport Certification Safety Inspector.
"As seen in recent events it is extremely hard for any airport, big or small, to come away from an inspection with zero discrepancies!" Said Gary LeTellier, Augusta Regional Airport's Executive Director. "Due to the hard work of all of our departments, AGS has been able to pass our last two inspections with flying colors!"

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