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Mother charged with murder of two year old

Sky Allen/Source: Facebook Sky Allen/Source: Facebook
Marina Middlebrooks/Source: CCSO Marina Middlebrooks/Source: CCSO

Marina Middlebrooks is becoming familiar with the inside of a jail cell. The 29-year old Augusta mother is now charged with cruelty to children and murder in the death of her daughter, Sky Allen.

The Columbia County Coroner's Office says the little girl's body was found Thursday in the crashed Honda CRV face down on the floorboard, shrouded by a purse and backpack. The suspected toddler killer was also found in the vehicle naked from the waist down, suffering from what officials believe were self-inflicted stab wounds.

Young Sky died from similar wounds to her neck; what we don't know is why this happened. So I went looking for answers at the family's Augusta home. Middlebrooks' mother, Sunni, wasn't ready to talk, but her neighbors were.

"I feel sorry for the little girl," said Monte Fuller. "She didn't even get a chance at life. It's a shame that someone has to take away a child's life like that."

Fuller says that after the crash on Thursday, the Middlebrooks' home became a virtual crime scene itself.

"Eight to nine sheriff's cars were there," said Fuller. "An ambulance was there. They looked over another little kid."

Then later that night, another neighbor, Paula Watson, heard a commotion from across the street.

"After that was over, a whole lot of cars pulled in," said Watson. "People just sounded really upset. A lady...screaming. I didn't know what was going on. Something bad."

Investigators don't yet know where on the 27 mile drive between the family home and the crash site that the toddler was killed, or why Middlebrooks was in Columbia County.


Marina Middlebrooks was arrested around 2pm Monday and charged with cruelty to children 1st degree and murder. The victim, 2 year old, Sky Allen died as a result of sharp force injury to the neck.

The charges come after the child and her mother were involved in a wreck Thursday on Ray Owens Road.

Details are limited at this time.


The Columbia County Coroner's Office has confirmed that a toddler was killed in a crash on Thursday.

Sky Allen, 2, was killed when a vehicle being driven by her mother drifted off of Ray Owens Road and crashed into a tree. The crashed happened near North Columbia Elementary School.

The mother, Marina Middlebrooks, was hospitalized following the incident.

An autopsy for the child is scheduled for today.

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