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FIRST ON FOX: PTA treasurer says she mistakenly misplaced $1,400


The Georgia PTA is opening an investigation into the use of PTA funds at Willis Foreman Elementary School after Monique Braswell, the school's PTA treasurer, refused to use PTA money for the end of the year activities for students.

Braswell is also the president of the Richmond County PTA and she says she isn't releasing the money because the other members of the PTA resigned. She says in order to write a check she needs another PTA officer's signature.

The state PTA investigation starts next Wednesday. We started looking into the matter Thursday and found there have been issues with PTA money at the school for about a year.

On July 27 we found that $1,400 disappeared from the school's account when Braswell made a savings withdrawal.

"I believe that it was me, the trick of a wrong number. That was absolutely an honest mistake," said Braswell.  

She says it was a mistake that was fixed three days later when the money was transferred back in from what may have been her account.

"It's an account that I could have possibly, honestly, legally been on," she said.

Fox54's Mark Barber asked, "Is that a mistake that you caught or was it brought to your attention?" Braswell said, "Actually I caught it and when we went back to the bank we looked at it and they just transferred it right back in there."

But a few minutes later, she said it happened differently.

"So did you call your bank and say I don't own that account, can you send it back to me?" asked Barber. Braswell said, "I didn't even have to do that, it was automatically done."

She says the $1,400 was just misplaced.

"At that time we were making so many deposits, we were doing so many things, preparing to pay for the arena, trying to get the book bags. I probably meant to put in $1,400 somewhere and took it out," said Braswell.  

From May through July Braswell wrote 18 checks, which totaled over $8,000.

She says she didn't need approval from the school principal to make the purchases that were all school related.

Braswell believes the investigation by Georgia PTA officials will put suspicious parents at ease.

"The parents are going to be satisfied," Braswell, said.

Braswell says Willis Foreman has a history of trouble with its PTA. She showed us the resignation letters from the past three PTA presidents.

As for paying for the end of the school year activities for students, the superintendent has promised to cover the costs.

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