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Grace Askew's guitar teacher impressed by her motivation

(WMC-TV) - Grace Askew is bringing her unique voice and style to the national stage on NBC's hit reality show "The Voice". But during her blind round audition, she not only proved she's got a voice, she showed off her skills on the guitar to earn her way into the competition.

Grace's guitar teacher John Gloria at Lane Music in Germantown saw her talent from the beginning.

"Grace Askew actually took guitar lessons in this studio for the first time when she was in high school," said Gloria. "She came in when she was about 15 and didn't know a note from a golf ball."

That was not the case for long. Grace spent her free time practicing and always loved making music.

"She came in and said, 'Can I learn this song?' I said, What is it? Nancy Sinatra.' This is like 2007 or eight. Nancy Sinatra. The boots are made for walking and sure enough we put it on," said Gloria.

Even as a teenager, she was an enthusiastic student who arrived at practice already knowing what she wanted to learn. She had a dedication that impressed her teacher.

"She is a kid that has talent and when you have a student like that, years later you don't forget those kids," he said.

Seeing a former student making a career out of their love for the guitar is thanks enough for Gloria, who has taught for almost 30 years.

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