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Earthquake rattles Lincoln County

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"It sounded like a cannon went off."

"It sounded like a real big clap of thunder." 

"It was a loud noise like a bomb."

Residents in Lincoln County describe the tremor that rattled them out of bed at 1:13 in the morning in various ways. One thing for certain: a light earthquake, followed by a couple aftershocks struck the area six miles east southeast of Lincolnton.

"I was working. And all of a sudden, I heard another one," said Kyle Carpenter. "It wasn't as big as last night, it had a pretty good size to it."

Carpenter works at Cliatt Crossing, a convenience store crossroads of sorts for those coming to and from Lincoln County. Residents have been pouring into the store all day talking about what happened overnight and into this afternoon.

"Everybody couldn't sleep," he explained. "It woke everyone up. It felt like a big boom. Like a bomb going off."

Smaller earthquakes have struck the area in recent months, but residents say this one was the biggest.

"Last night was more serious than I known it to be before," said one resident.

"We've had some small ones before," said another resident. "But that's the closest I've ever been to one in my lifetime."

Folks are now on edge, waiting for the next big quake.

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