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Pawn shops could face changes in customer records

Bicycles, golf clubs and guns are some of the items Earl Driggers has been pawning in his shops for the past 30 years. And over the course of 30 years, he's had his run in with several thieves; his latest, burglary earlier this week.

"If this system they're talking about implementing had been in place, we probably would've had a better chance catching the perpetrators," Driggers said.

Right now the Richmond County Sheriff's Office has to search through stacks of paperwork to track stolen items. They say the new system would be easier in investigating thefts. It's an electronic recording data base. Pawn shops would enter customer information including fingerprints into the system.

"I heard somewhere that they were talking about finger prints, but I don't know if they can do that," Driggers said.

We asked pawn shop customers how they feel about the proposed ordinance. The ones who refused to go on camera said they don't want their finger prints stored. But those who didn't mind an interview, say they're all for it.

"People go around taking and stealing other people's jewelry and making a profit on it when the other person is lost out," Terry Stidons. "So I really think it'll be a good thin."

This customer says finger printing doesn't bother him because he's not buying or selling anything stolen. As for owners, Driggers says he's ready for the new system if it'll help catch criminals sooner than later.

"If they decide we can, then we're going to do it," Driggers said.

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