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GRU nursing program showing sense of unity

Georgia Regents University (WFXG) -

It was the only duplicate program for the new 'U' that required consolidation. But now, nursing students from both former schools are becoming one.

"The reputation that we have right now, what we hear from people out in the community, is that our college of nursing has truly unified in a positive kind of way," said College of Nursing Dean, Dr. Lucy Marion.

Marion and other school officials were on hand at a celebration today that unveiled a new logo and student uniform designs. She says those designs and other decisions were made with input from both schools.

"Everything was be done jointly," Marion said. "There would be no GHSU committees making decisions without a full compliment of former ASU."

Part of the event included students coming together for fun and team building activities, something they say helps the consolidation.

"They're trying to get people who were once kind of angry and bitter, to kind of come together and be like, 'oh, maybe this is alright," said Evan Grovenstein.

Another student says the process has been fairly easy.

"Everything's been run smoothly," said Ceci Griffin. "I was a little worried at first, with how smooth everything would go, but we really haven't had any problems. I think everyone gets along, I was really excited to see what everything looked like today."

Now they look to an exciting future ahead.

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