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'Miracle Baby' out of surgery, recovering in Dallas hospital

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Baby Ella Sheridan from Gladewater had surgery Wednesday night and is now recovering at Children's Hospital in Dallas.

Ella's mom, Samantha Sheridan, was first offered to terminate the pregnancy after doctors found growths during an ultrasound to determine the baby's gender. Doctors said her chance of survival was slim to none.

Sheridan decided to move forward anyway, giving birth with a funeral already planned.

Despite being born with part of her brain protruding from her head, Ella is alive and fighting. 

Wednesday night's surgery removed what her family calls her "boo-boos," which include brain tissue that doctors said was malformed.

"She came out from recovery with no oxygen," said Sheridan. "She was alert, crying and drinking Pedialite. She's been doing fine!"

Sheridan says her baby is awake and responsive following the surgery.

"When you talk to her, she looks in the direction that you're talking, so she knows enough to know where you're coming from," Sheridan said. "She looks around for you. She knows what's going on."

There is a chance of physical and mental disability from the procedure, but so far Baby Ella's mom says her daughter is acting just like any other normal baby.

"If there's any disability, we can't tell because she still moves her arms and legs and things and kicks and screams," she said. "As far as we can tell from milestones that a normal infant would have, she has all of them."

After all of this, there is still no question in Sheridan's mind that she made the right decision to continue with the pregnancy.

"It's like any other child," Sheridan said. "If they're sick, you're going to give them medical attention and that's the way we feel with her. If she has a complication, she gets the proper care and we go from there."

Doctors say that baby Ella could be released from the hospital as early as Friday.

Sheridan says the prayers the family has received have been comforting and have given her the power to keep believing each day.

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