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Urban Outfitters to create 400 jobs in Columbia County

The building that used to be Mike's Furniture store on Bobby Jones Expressway is getting a facelift.  

Soon, the popular retailer Urban Outfitters will move a call center in the 40,000 sq .ft. Martinez store front – creating 400 jobs within the next 5 years.

An Urban Outfitters call center has been in Trenton, S. C. since 2005 but the company has decided to open in Columbia County because of an opportunity zone destination.

"This definitely will prove to be a great catalyst for the area, along with some of the other development opportunities that are underway," said Robbie Bennett, Columbia County Development Authority Executive Director. "I think this is a great asset and very important to the community," Bennett continued.

The zone offers state tax credit for businesses relocating or expanding in the area. Companies that create at least two jobs receive a tax break of $3,5000 for each position developed.

"Urban outfitters is the first one to have taken advantage of this," Bennett said. "There are other businesses in that designation that will be able to take advantage of it and I'm looking forward to working with each of them."

Columbia County residents are also looking forward to the new call center. They say it will help stimulate the economy.

"I think it will help the economy. I would definitely hope it would help the economy," said Robin Shea, who lives in Grovetown. "Call centers have longer hours, so you've got multiple jobs, not just one shift, so it's a positive thing," said Shea.

"Having a job always helps the economy, helps put more money into the economy," said Jennifer Bibee who also lives in Grovetown. "It gives people more opportunities, so I think it will help overall," she said.

The Urban Outfitters Customer Care Center is set to open by August first of this year.

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