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Waynesboro PD has 25% turnover rate


For the past six months, Jesse Palmer, the Vice President of the First National Bank of Waynesboro, has been weighing in on the citizen's police advisory board because he knows there's a lot at stake.

"A town without a proper police chief or a chief that's doing a satisfactory job is a town full of crime and a town where the citizens are uneasy," said Palmer.

Some residents are uneasy because they've had six officers, including former Police Chief, Alfonzo Williams, resign during the past several months.

"When you have somebody, a chief leave, you're going to have some turnover and we expected that," said Palmer. Fox54's Mark Barber asked, "Did you guys expect six officers?" Palmer said, "It's hard to say exactly but we knew there would be several."

There are 22 officers in the Waynesboro Police Department; their turnover rate has been about 25%.

Most of the officers have been replaced but they're still looking for the next top cop.

"There's always cause for concern when you lose a police chief and you're looking to hire a new one. What the citizens of Waynesboro have got to do is put their faith in the leaders of our community," said Palmer.

He hopes the city council, which doesn't always see eye to eye, will make the hire within 30 days.

"They have to put their differences aside and look at the facts and make the best decision for our town," Palmer, said.

Even though there has been a recent rise in crime, Palmer says city leaders aren't worried because they don't think there's more crime in the area. Instead, he thinks the people breaking the law are being caught.



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