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Battle round competitor picks Sarah Simmons to win it all

(WMC-TV) - Sarah Simmons, 22, of Memphis battled her way through to the next round on "The Voice", but it was not an easy fight.

Simmons was up against Duncan Kamakana of Honolulu. The two were assigned the Lady Antebellum song "Wanted You More" and the group's lead singer, Hillary Scott, was there to help coach them.

"I cannot believe we're singing your song. I'm honored to sing this," Sarah said to Hillary Scott during a rehearsal.

Hillary Scott offered Sarah and Duncan this advice:

"The place where we wrote this from, just so y'all know, to kind of get yourselves in the story, it's a really personal song," said Scott. "And the one line, I will say, makes me cry, 'In the end it seemed there was no room for me, still I tried to change your mind.' It's like I was begging you with everything I had to make you stay. Think about that whenever you're staring at that audience and singing."

Sarah and Duncan battled it out, but appeared completely in sync, ending their duet laughing and hugging.

"Sarah, you're one of my favorite singers I've ever heard in my life, I can tell you right now," said Blake Shelton following the battle. "It's so rare that you can be that sweet, clear, crystal clear voice, and then she can just drift off into a falsetto that is just beautiful, and then all of a sudden, she turns on that rasp thing that happens just when she wants it to and when it matters the most. I would pick Sarah."

"I'm so proud of you guys, oh my God. Sarah, there is an effortlessness with which you sing, it's so easy but so impossible at the same time," said Adam Levine. "Duncan, you've got a thing. You're a talented dude. You're amazing."

In the end, Memphis' Sarah Simmons took the title.

"But the winner of this battle, the winner of this battle is Sarah," Adam continued. "Sarah is probably one of the better singers this competition has ever seen. She's amazing and could win this whole thing."

Before his exit, Sarah's competitor in the battle round even picked her to win.

"It had to come to an end at some point, I just feel honored it is at the hands of [Sarah], who is honestly my pick to win it all this year," said Duncan with a smile.

"At the end of this show, I'm going to buy all of Sarah's music as soon as it's available," said Blake Shelton. "As a coach on this show, she's definitely a problem for me."

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