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GRU professor explains background of Chechnya


Dr. Craig Albert is an expert on world relations and the Chechen people. He teaches political science at GRU's Summerville campus and was shocked to hear of the attacks in Boston last week allegedly committed by ethnic Chechens.

"They don't use terrorism as a form of violence against outsiders," he said. "They don't have many outside enemies."

Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev are accused of planting bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, resulting in the death of three people and injury of almost 200 people. Dr. Albert says he believes the attacks may have been motivated by a following of the Jihadist movement.

"If we find a connection to Jihadism, an international network of Jihadism, it makes more sense for them to strike out against the United States because Jihadism views the United States as the great oppressor towards Islam," said Albert.

Another theory Dr. Albert has: pride in country.

"They both could have fallen under the spell of nationalism," he said. :Trying to rediscover their past. So they make myths about the past. Or they start to believe the myths of the past, the Chechen past."

The history of Chechyna is filled with bloody conflict and devastation. Dr. Albert says that an introduction of a very extreme form of radical Islam into the nation following the warfare could have shaped the way the brothers may have viewed religion.

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