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Azziz to repay GRU for using school resources at wedding


Typically students pack into the GRU shuttle but Saturday a wedding party loaded up the bus.

The bus was used to transport wedding guests to Azziz's home for his niece's wedding. They also used a marked university police car and four university officers for security.

University policy allows Azziz to hold weddings at the home because it's owned by the school.

University officials say the bus was used to transport guests from a hotel to the wedding which was on Milledge Road and to the Savannah Rapids Pavilion for pictures.

In an email, Christen Carter the Director of Media Relations for GRU said Azziz will pay the school back for the bus shuttle and the police car.

According to an invoice, it cost $416 to use the shuttle and the police vehicle for 11 hours at the wedding.

To rent a shuttle of the same size and for the same amount of time from a rental service, such as, would have cost about $1,900.

School officials say Azziz doesn't need to reimburse police officers because they volunteered their time.

We asked Carter about the GRU policy that says, "The university shouldn't be used to transport the president's family for personal business."

She says the university's legal team interprets that statement to mean transportation can be used for on-site events.


The photos from the wedding were found on Twitter at: @brian_hitched.

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