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Abandoned cemetery dog finds home

She might look a little scared now, but this dog has been through much worse over the past couple of weeks.

"She was a lost soul in a cemetery," said Suzanne Rye. "You know, I had to make friends with her."

We first introduced you to Sasha last month, wandering the grounds of a cemetery in Graniteville. Through Facebook, Rye found out Sasha was left there to fend for herself. She and other animal groups tried to rescue her, but had no luck.  Rye started a Facebook page giving updates on the German Shepherd's rescue attempt. Aiken County Animal Control came out to help. They were able to trap Sasha, and took her to their shelter.

"She thought once we took her out of the cemetery that, ‘Great, you know, I'm gone now, I'm never going to get my owner back. My owners never going to come back to pick me up because I'm not going to be there.' And so that depressed her for a few days," said Bobby Arthurs, Chief Enforcement Officer of Aiken Animal Control.

Aiken's animal control policy is to attempt to find the owner, just in case rumors of her abandonment were untrue, They hold lost animals for five days before putting them up for adoption. Rye visited Sasha every day, and when no one claimed her, she welcomed Sasha into her family.

"First I just wanted her to get a good home, then, once we kind of bonded, it was like ‘No, I want her in my home," Rye said.

Sashas's story got so much attention from the community and now in a way, she's helping other dogs who were abandoned.

"Two dogs had been abandoned next door, and the owners moved out and left the dogs there, so she asked if she could post about those dogs on the site, and we said yeah," Rye said. "If we can help other dogs find homes that's great."

Sasha has been spayed, dewormed and treated for any possible illnesses. And in her checkup today, she's on her way to a speedy recovery, but more importantly, a loving home.

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