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Richmond County on the lookout for open containers during Masters week

With many visitors in town during Masters Week, Washington Road has turned into one big tailgate.

However, our guests should be cautious, as Richmond Country deputies are keeping a close watch out for open containers.

Sergeant Mark Chestang is one of many officers who are responsible for keeping the peace during the Masters and making sure people do not drink and drive.

 "It's about being visual," Chestang said. "If you see someone who has had too much to drink, stopping them before they get in the vehicle."

Chestang says that many visitors are not aware of Augusta's open containers laws, which prohibit any driver or passenger from having an open container or any alcohol from being within reach.

"You might not even be drunk but the potential to get drunk is there if you have that open container," warned Chestang. "With a higher volume of traffic, and all these visitors in town, the last thing you want is someone to get hurt over an impaired driver."

Sergeant Chestang said that Richmond County also works with the local restaurants to prevent visitors from leaving their premises with alcoholic beverages. One of those restaurants is Somewhere in Augusta on Washington Road. During the evenings a deputy sits by the door to make sure the rules are enforced.

Cindy Fiske, owner of the 12-year-old restaurant, said guests usually listen when informed of the rules. She hasn't seen any problems during Masters Week.

 "People will get up and try to go out the front door and smoke with their bottles and we just stop them and say you gotta come back in, no open containers outside," said Fiske.

While there hasn't been much mayhem during the first two days of practice rounds, officials say simple precautions can help prevent trouble and keep everyone safe.

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