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Augusta Museum of History prepares for Masters Week


Crews are busy mowing the lawns and dusting the statues, preparing for the thousands of people to descend on the Augusta Museum of History.

"I would say anywhere from 1000 to 2000, we could reach up to 3000 visitors in a good year," said Nancy Glaser, Executive Director of the museum. "The economy is shifting as well, so we're looking for a good Masters week."

Glaser has served as head of the museum since 2005. She oversaw the completion of the two golf exhibits three years ago, and is proud to show them off yet again for Masters Week.

"Golf is so huge, not just in this area, but internationally," she said. "So it's a real easy sell."

That popularity is what she hopes drives in visitors next week; so many visitors, the museum will need extra help.

"The staff will be available," said Glaser. "Most are volunteers, but even I go out and roam the galleries, just to see if anyone has any questions, or has any needs, or not sure where to go next, or where to go."

Her hope is that the museum will serve as a beginning point for tourism during Masters week and beyond.

"We'd like to think of ourselves as a good place to start," said Glaser. "But there are a lot of other high quality attractions that people will see next week. And we really encourage them to get out and see Augusta. There is so much to offer here."

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