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Priceless mementos returned to 84-year-old woman

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The Target parking lot on Robert C. Daniel Parkway is where a woman found a photo album filled with classic pictures dating back to the 1940s; a precious treasure she was determined to get back to its owner.

"Those would've been lost memories sitting in a box," said Shelly Burge, who found the photos.

Momentos Doris Cohen, 84, thought she'd never see again; safely returned. Doris, too shy to stick around for an interview, is the woman the timeless black and white pictures.

After coming out of Target, Burge found the photographs while unloading her shopping cart.

"I'm a picture hound anyway," Burge said. "I love pictures, so when I saw them and saw they were black and white, I was like, 'Oh my goodness!'"

Wedding portraits and military photos that were decades old. Shelly asked Fox54, the Augusta Chronicle and Target to help find their owner.

"She said she woke up and went and got her newspaper," said Debra Colbert, a Target employee. "She said she usually does the crossword puzzle, 'but something told me to look through the pages, and I looked down and I said 'Ah! It's me!'"

Colbert said when Doris saw her wedding picture in the paper, she rushed to Target, bringing a framed wedding photo of herself to prove they were her pictures. The store called Burge who was thrilled to return the priceless photo album.

"I was actually crying from here (home) to Target, so I was very happy when I got there she kind of got teary-eyed, but I'm happy she didn't cry because I would've totally lost it," Burge said.

 Burge said she was excited when she first contacted the woman, saying she would only want the same if she lost something as valuable.

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