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Parking changes possibly coming to Augusta Regional


When you fly out of Augusta Regional Airport, one of the benefits is the rock bottom price for parking, currently managed by an outside company. Parking is such a big moneymaker, the Aviation Commission is now considering taking those operations back in-house.

"The contract that we have with Republic parking, to operating all of the airport's parking lots, will expire at the end of this year," said Commission Chairman Doug Lively.

Lively said with the contract coming to a close, they're weighing the in-house option as one that would create local jobs.

"We would hire, probably pick up a lot of their employees and a director to manage that," he said.

The move would also mean big bucks being returned back to the budget.

"The net effect to that is probably about an additional $50,000 will drop to the airport's bottom line," said Lively.

He said the level of customer care should go up as well.

"The other thing we're going to benefit from too is a greater level of customer service," Lively said. "If you've ever flown in and had to park, you know, sometimes the parking lot attendant is less than attentive."

The chairman says the change will be just one more benefit on why fliers should choose Augusta Regional.

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