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What does Good Friday mean to you?


Today is Good Friday, the day Christians celebrate as the day when Jesus Christ took the sins of every person on himself and died on a cross so mankind can have eternal life.

Fox54 hit the streets to ask people what the day that many Christians say is one of the most important foundations of Christianity means to them.

Paul Parker displays bible verses on a dog tag and shirt. To him, Good Friday means, "the son of God, named Yeshua, died on the cross and was raised from the dead," Parker, said.

Former District One Commissioner Matt Aitken said, "As we look at the resurrection of Christ on Sunday, the death on the cross, I think it's a great reminder of our faith."

Fox54's Mark Barber asked Aitken's daughter, "Cecilia, how old are you? ‘Six.' What does Good Friday mean to you? 'That Jesus died on the cross for our sins." 

We found many different opinions about the day that is widely celebrated by Christians as the day Jesus Christ died on the cross for mankind.

"The definition of Good Friday is the beginning of Easter with a good peaceful day to bring you into a good Easter weekend," Frank Harewood, said. 

Latoya Ward said, "It means bringing joy to the family, celebrating the birth of Jesus, not many people know that was the day he was born. Well, the day he risen and stuff, you know?"

"I guess it means different things for different people, it doesn't have any significance to me personally but for a lot of people though it does, but I respect that," Wahid Qassimi, said.

"First off it's a day off and I thank the Lord for that and it's a day to reflect on the rising of my Lord and Savior this Sunday," Carlton Fedrick

Several people that Fox54 spoke with said without Easter Sunday, Good Friday wouldn't mean anything.

Christians believe Easter is the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.


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