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Greenbrier soccer players face school board hearing


Greenbrier High School held a news conference Friday following a school board hearing for the soccer players who are accused of using drugs and alcohol on a school-related trip to Jekyll Island nearly two weeks ago.  

Principal Chris Seagraves addressed the repercussions the students are now facing after breaking school policy during the trip, tweeting about drinking alcohol and using spice.

"I'm disappointed for our students and their families for what they are having to go through," said Principal Seagraves.  

18 of the 25 soccer players were initially accused; six went before a school board hearing Friday to defend their case.

"We had two that didn't sign the waiver and so they were given their consequence and two were returned back to Greenbrier today," said Principal Seagraves.

The principal said two other students have withdrawn from Columbia County School System and the rest signed waivers agreeing to take whatever punishment the school decides.

"We can't talk about what the consequences are for these students because that falls in the student confidentiality," said Principal Seagraves.

FOX54 talked to some students who have mixed feelings about their punishments.

"Of course you should pay for your crime," said 2012 graduate Thomas Coleman.  

"I feel like they made one mistake and they shouldn't really be punished," said junior Emily Albrecht.  

The principal said this should be a learning experience for everyone.

"I want folks to learn from it, whether it's in our school or any other high school that these type of actions are just not accepted and there are consequences for it," said Seagraves.  

A reality this soccer team had to learn the hard way.

School officials said they are also investigating a possible hazing incident from that same trip.

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