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Richmond county deputies canvas neighborhood following rash of burglaries


All seems quiet passing by, but the Richmond County Sheriff's Office says a collection of townhomes off of Wheeler Road is the center of a massive burglary operation terrorizing the area over the past year. Deputies canvassed the neighborhood tonight, notifying residents to keep an eye out.

"What we're trying to do is make sure the people here know about them," said Major Scott Peebles. "Know what's going on. Be extra vigilant. Know how to protect themselves. And also, know who to call if they see anything suspicious."

The Sheriff's Office also stopped drivers on West Wheeler Parkway, handing out fliers offering a reward for any information.

The neighbors here say they even before deputies went door to door, they knew exactly what has been going on. Rachel Sommerfield says she is terrified to walk her dog at night, even just in her front yard.

"I do not go outside after dark," she said. "I am way too scared! I'm just really paranoid. Like when I go to bed, I'm just really worried something will happen."

Chandler Parker was victimized herself this week by the crooks. She showed me where she says the thieves broke her fence, before busting through her back door.

"Came home Tuesday night after being gone to my parents for six days and my back door was standing wide open, to the tune of about ten thousand dollars worth of stuff being missing," she said.

Parker, who is the mother of small child, says the crimes have shaken her to the core.

"I feel violated," said. "Like, I don't even want to be here, because you don't know if they're watching you while you're in here, or watching you while you're leaving. So of course I feel violated."

Both the Sheriff's Office and residents agree that this is a problem that has to be solved, and they hope after tonight's step-up in patrol, those responsible will be finally brought to justice.

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