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Augusta prepares for Masters Week traffic

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It's almost that time of year again. Masters week in Augusta is right around the corner, which could have you waiting along Augusta streets  longer than usual. Drivers say traffic during the world renowned golf tournament is some of the worse traffic they've ever been stuck in.

"I remember last year, I was trying to drive, trying to get to work" said Julianne Powell. "It probably took me, probably three times as long."

Traffic engineers say the number of cars traveling on Washington Road doubles during Masters Week, to nearly 65,000. for years the city of Augusta's traffic engineering department has been tweaking the masters traffic plans, hoping to minimize accidents and keep the roads as clear as possible.

"It wasn't without its issues, but a lot of that was internal coordination type stuff, but we think we've worked out those little bugs, and we're real happy with what happened last year," said Steve Cassell, Director of Traffic Engineering.

Before hitting the streets, you might want to take a look at the traffic online. traffic engineering has cameras set up around the city so you can see a live feed of the road for yourself.

Twelve monitors display the cameras set up along Washington Road and Riverwatch Parkway.

"You're making a lot of five minute trips that are basically 20 minute trips," said Jamal Houpe.

The traffic engineering department says another way to avoid masters traffic is to avoid morning and evening rush hours, cutting the number of cars on the road and cutting your travel time down.

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