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Ralliers fight to keep Saturday mail delivery

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"Six days! Six days!"

That's the chant and desire crowds cried out today across the country, as Saturday delivery of first class US mail inches closer to extinction.

Dozens came out to the rally despite the poor weather.

"Well, letter carriers are used to the rain and dreary weather," said Don Griggs, President of the Georgia State Association of Letter Carriers.

They are just one of many chapters organizing today that he says aren't just worried about their own careers.

"They've come out here because they're concerned about their jobs," Griggs said. "But primarily, they're concerned for the general public!"

Past and present postal workers also wanting to remind the public they're not just letter carriers.

"I've been delivering mail for 33 years and we save lives," said Emmett Cossey, a retired letter carrier. "We have found people sick in their homes. We've stopped crime. There were a lot of things and carriers still do that."

And they don't want to stop now!

"You know, we've been providing it for years," said Pamela Moore, Augusta chapter president. "We don't want to interrupt anybody's service."

"The public has become accustomed to six day delivery," said Griggs. "They want six day delivery and we're going to demand six day delivery."

Just last week Congress passed legislation that would require mail delivery six days a week. But until that legislation becomes law, the postal service is pressing on with its plan to end Saturday mail delivery, except for packages and to post office boxes. Those who rallied here today just hope the postal service changes its mind, and keeps those cards and letters coming!

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