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New wayfinding signs help drivers navigate medical district


Officials with the Augusta Convention & Visitors Bureau hope drivers will have an easier time threading their way through the medical district since 24 wayfinding signs have been installed.  

Barry White, the Executive Director for the ACVB, says the need for the signs was clear, "It is one of the largest economic generators in our region; four major hospitals in there, medical schools, dental schools."

White says it would have cost the city $100,000 to purchase and install the signs; but they didn't spend a dime because the private sector decided to foot the bill.

The four hospitals that are benefiting from the signs, Georgia Regents Medical Center, University Health Care System, Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center and the Walton Rehabilitation Health System agreed to split the costs.

White said, "It was really an easy sell. They saw the value in it immediately." Fox54's Mark Barber asked, "And a sell you think will pay off for the folks who are coming into town?" ‘Absolutely, it's a big area, it can be confusing at times,'" said White.

White hopes the drive will be less confusing now that there are dozens of signs posted near every major intersection.

"Its bricks and mortar, it's steel, it's something very tangible that we can see the results of and again I think it benefits residents and visitors alike; so it's good for everybody," White, said.

For phase two of the wayfinding plan, they will add signs around the county near places such as the airport.

White says all the signs should be in place by April 2014.

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