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Hacienda fails to charge customer cards

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If you swiped your card at Hacienda in the past few months, you might not have been charged for your meal.  

The Evansville restaurant  is going back through its records and charging customers for what wasn't paid.
Customers tell 14 News that they budget for eating out and they don't think it's fair for a business can charge them months later.  

"I balance my book and check it regularly and have money it for purchases I make so I plan for purchases as I eat so if a random charge comes in later I'd be really surprised and wouldn't have planned for that and maybe get overdrawn," Alex Weintraut said.

For Jena and Jesse Grady, an overdraft fee that's more than their actual meal.  

"I would probably call them and my bank, pretty upset letting them know what happened and the fact that I got charged a $33 fee and my meal was only $15 or $20," Jena said.

But Weintraut, who eats at Hacienda with her family almost every week, understands both sides of the argument.  

"In one way it's fair that you pay for the meal you ate for, but in another way you're not expecting that charge so I don't think they should charge you especially if it's a significant time later," Weintraut said.

So what's an appropriate time frame for businesses to charge your account?

"I usually wait for it for about three weeks and if I don't see it then I feel like it's not going to come through," Weintraut said.

"I typically expect when I go to a restaurant or store in general that it should hit almost immediately or within a weeks time frame," Jena said.

Officials with Heritage Federal Credit Union say once a customer authorizes the purchase a business doesn't have to charge them immediately.

A Hacienda spokesperson says the issue should be resolved by the end of the week.  

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