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Forget coasters, restaurant customers now being alerted by text


Customers at various restaurants in the CSRA will now receive text messages telling them when their tables are ready.

Chilis is now using the NoWait app to seat their customers.

"It's going to make things happen a little more fluid, a little more seamless, declutter the hostess stand, no more paper work. No more worries about somebody walking off the property with a coaster and we can't reach them," said Daryl Miller.

Chilis has been using NoWait for two weeks and not only are they pleased with the software; guests we spoke with are on board too.

"The new program is great, I'm ready for it that way we don't have to stand out here and wait anticipating the line. We can go shopping, go to another store and just come back when we're ready, just call us. I think it's more convenient that way, very convenient yes," said Cynthia Charmayne.

NoWait normally operates in large cities like New York and L.A., but they say they're drawn to Augusta because of the hundreds of thousands of golf fans that will come to town during the Masters week. 

If 50 restaurants sign up, NoWait officials say they will donate $50,000 to the Augusta Warrior Project. So far, 18 restaurants are using the program.

NoWait is providing their software, iPads, iPhones and two weeks of training to the restaurants free of charge through the end of April.

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